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Strengthen Bay Area communities by providing free hot, nutritious meals to those unable to readily access them. Communities include our first responders, our seniors, and other vulnerable groups.
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Working together to end hunger


Hunger In Our Communities

14.3 million
American households


are food insecure with limited
or uncertain access to enough
food.Source: Feeding America


9 of Americans
struggle with hunger.

people were food insecure.

Food insecurity exists in every county in
America. Source: Feeding America


is a community-building organization to solve part of our hunger problem. It is about community helping community by bringing nutritious fresh hot meals.
Building stronger communities
Our Partners
Our Mission

Our Mission

As 5SikhSeva Food Truck heads down the highway, its name honors the iconic 5 Rivers of Punjab (Northern India), the breadbasket of much of that populous region.

Our tag line is “Spread a Goodness Contagion!” We are trying to reverse the pandemic’s contagion of fear through selfless service.

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