Community helping community by bringing nutritious, fresh, hot and free meals.


Bringing nutritious, fresh, hot meals to
the Bay Area community and beyond.

Mobilize for Impactful Outreach

Create and Be a Part of Community Networks

Champion Nutritional Wellness

Engage in Responsible Community Initiatives

Who we are?

5SikhSeva.org is a registered 501(c) nonprofit organization, on a mission to bring the kitchen to the community. As the Bay Area communities grapple with the pandemic recovery, front line workers—nurses, hospital staff, doctors, and others are working round-the-clock to provide services. Everytime they step out for food, it is a long process for them to get back into “safe” work conditions. Similarly, lack the ability and other vulnerable groups to go out and shop for food during unpredictable shop hours and lockdown conditions.

What we do?

5SikhSeva’s Food Truck, The Orange that Feeds, is designed to bring the kitchen to these communities. Our Food Truck will be available at designated spots during the weekdays, and will offer nutritious, fresh, and hot vegetarian meals to the front line workers and others in need. The menu is seasonal and changes with local produce availability.

How we began?

5SikhSeva.org honors the five rivers of Punjab (Northern India), the breadbasket of much of that populous region. “Seva” or service to others is an integral value of Sikhs, and when the pandemic hit, two Bay Area families met to discuss how to serve the community in the most relevant way. The youth in the family came up with the Food Truck idea to take the kitchen to the community. From there, over the next 11 months the families set up the organization, connected with like-minded collaborators, sourced the truck, and set up operations. Today, we are honored to deliver food at various key locations in the Bay Area, with plans to expand beyond.

Our Evolution/Our History

Community helping community by bringing nutritious, fresh, hot and free meals.

  • July 12, 2020

    The idea of selfless service and feed those in need through 5SikhSeva.org was born during the height of the pandemic

  • July – October 2020

    Searched for collaborators to learn ways.

  • October 2020

    Contacted experts and experience holders such as Seva truck, DC

  • November 2020

    Initial core group to help with 5SikhSeva.org started to take shape. Manmeet joined the group and provided invaluable knowledge from his experience in doing such service before

  • December 2020

    More collaboration and coaching from SevaTruck, DC. Manmeet searched the limited Bay Area market at the height of pandemic for a food truck. Planned to purchase a food truck agreed etc. etc.

  • January 2021

    Website went live.
    Continued to plan logistical details.

  • February 2021

    5SikhSeva registered as a non-profit charity in California governed by a board. A bank account established, insurances purchased. Food truck customized with vinyl wrap colors of orange and blue. Raj joined the orgaization to drive the food truck and also cook. Raj, an expert cook had been a chef before he lost his work due to the pandemic.

  • March 2021

    Kitchen Commissary established, food truck registered and serviced, Raj traveled to DC to get trained by Seva truck, DC, Jagtar joined the team as a volunteer, Randy, one of the previous owners of the food truck volunteered to train Raj in using the food truck, Harmeet joined the team, Alameda County certification process began

  • April 2021

    First donation received, food truck provided meals for Baisakhi at Fremont Gurudwara, transported food to homeless at Glide memorial in SF, provided meals on multiple days at Covid vaccination site in Fremont

  • May 2021

    Food permit for Alameda county obtained, food truck inspection approved, practiced menu development, served meals at planting trees event in Union city, served meals at an Anti Hate against Asians event in Union city, hired Karthik to polish the website, develop a logo and help with advertising

  • June-July 2021

    Ishmeet & Ishmeet joined the team, routes identified for meal service. Delivering nutritious free meals to frontline healthcare workers, senior citizens and other groups in local Bay Area using Covid and health department protocols for serving meals.

  • October 2021

    Hit 10,000 total meals served!

  • November 2021

    Received a letter from Washington Hospital thanking us for our services to their first responders.

  • September 2022

    Began partnership with Hayward Library to serve meals.

  • April 2023

    Began working with Cal State East Bay and Hayward Promise to host food service events together.

  • October 2023

    Served 4000 free meals to Hayward communities during our Halloween special event.

  • December 2023

    Hit 100,000 total meals served!

Our Mission

As 5SikhSeva Food Truck heads down the highway, its name honors the iconic 5 Rivers of Punjab (Northern India), the breadbasket of much of that populous region.

Our tag line is “Spread a Goodness Contagion!” We are trying to reverse the pandemic’s contagion of fear through selfless service.

Our Future Vision

Our Future <span>Vision</span>

5SikhSeva is now delivering nutritious free meals to frontline hospital healthcare workers and other vulnerable groups in local Bay Area using Covid and health department protocols.

Moving forward, our food truck, and others like it, will be pulling up at schools, fire stations, shelters, and other food deserts, serving up hot healthy meals to those in need.